Domain Guard

Comprehensive domain protection

  • Secure access rights with two-factor authentication
  • Verify DNS traffic with DNSSEC encryption
  • Applies to all domains within a contract 

    Take control of your domain and its DNS traffic

    As an optional security feature that can be added to any domain within a contract, Domain Guard helps protect you and your valuable asset. Just search for your desired domain in the domain check field above, then add the Domain Guard feature when prompted.

    Improved security thanks to DNSSEC

    Alongside other details, your DNS records store information on how your domain is connected to an IP address. You can change this by redirecting your domain or changing your mail server using mail exchanger records. Domain Guard protects your DNS records through DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions), leaving hackers unable to manipulate these important details or reroute them to fake destinations. As a result, your domain will only be used for what it was originally intended for.

    Protection from DNS hijacking

    If hackers get a hold of your domain, they could redirect it to fraudulent or malicious websites, allowing them to potentially collect the credit card details of your users or to claim legal ownership of your domain.

    Domain Guard counters these attacks and protects your DNS records. You can rest assured knowing that you’re the only person in control of your domain and all the data connected to it.