Branded SMS

/ 30 days


  • SMS Credit : 5000 SMS
  • Masking : All Network
  • Validity : 30 Days
  • Support : Email / Chat
  • Reselling : Not Allowed
  • Free Mask : 1

/ 45 days


  • SMS Credit : 10000 SMS
  • Masking : All Network
  • Validity : 45 Days
  • Support : Email / Chat
  • Reselling : Not Allowed
  • Free Mask : 2

/ 90 days


  • SMS Credit : 50000 SMS
  • Masking : All Network
  • Validity : 90 Days
  • Support : Email / Chat
  • Reselling : Not Allowed
  • Free Mask : 2
NOTE : For All Maskings Approval RS 500 Fees is Required for 1 Mask.

Request on Letter Head will be Required for All Networks Masking.

Bulk SMS messaging via the Internet with KHIXAR SMS Gateway

Sending SMS messages to your customers is the perfect way to maintain connection with them, as well as find new ones. This kind of communication combines cost-effectiveness, small investments. Save your time and money! KHIXAR SMS gateway is a leader among SMS sending services. We covers over 800 networks in more than 200 countries all over the world.
Our online SMS Interface provides an opportunity to communicate quickly and securely with your potential and existing customers by sending mass SMS advertising, notifications, and other text messages.
SMS sending through the Internet is one of the most effective ways to deliver information to your target audience. It does not matter if wish you to inform one or thousands of people; Super Solutions SMS Gateway is at your disposal. SMS text messages will be sent out immediately and delivered within a few seconds.
KhiXar SMS Gateway has been designed for your convenience. It sends personalized messages all over the world, and delivery lasts not more than a few minutes (sending speed is up to 500 SMS per second). After the process is finished, you get detailed reports. Numerous features of the SMS sending service provide easy, quick and safe distribution of your campaigns.
Our SMS Gateway can be useful for :
  • Companies that need to communicate with their customers worldwide
  • Organizations wanting to send bulk messages such as event notifications, promotions or SMS alerts Individuals that want to send sms online to be in touch with their friends all over the world We Provide You
  • Web Based SMS Portal where you Can SMS in Bulk or Single.
  • Free API to Integrate to any of your Software or
  • Portal.24/7/365 Days Support